Paweddings Wedding Gallery

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Our Wedding Gallery contains a mixture of reportage & candid shots taken spontaneously, capturing all those emotional moments that only a wedding day can bring. We do about 30% formal (groups) then the rest reportage (candid) shots of your guests along with the family on your special day. And we always welcome a small list of photos (around ten) from the couple that they want in for sure.

We also cover portraiture, macro, zoom & landscape so there is quite an array of photos being taken, all this goes on without the bride, groom & guests hardly noticing. Plus with two photographers being present throughout the day it helps to achieve these results with ease.

A Little Bit of Advice on Wedding Photography Itself!

Photography may seem as simple as pointing and clicking, but a professional wedding photographer will need to understand composition, lighting conditions and how best to use them. A professional will also know when to use the correct exposures in each situation, thoroughly know and understand how to use their equipment, and manage all of this whilst anticipating who will be doing what next. Also pointing out professionals carry back up cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards all of which are of exceptionally high quality.

It is also worth noting that our packages contain two photographers which means you get all the key moments captured from two different angles giving a great narrative of the day.

You may initially think booking out two photographers are more expensive than the single option of one photographer but often this is not the case, so you are getting better value along with twice the coverage.

Wedding GalleryWedding GalleryWedding GalleryWedding Gallery