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Bride Getting Ready.

Now that the bride has her makeup and hair done, she’s ready to get into her dress.  I ALWAYS MAKE SURE BEFORE SHE PUTS HER DRESS ON, THAT I HAVE TAKEN PICTURES OF HER DRESS HANGING.
Once she has the dress on, I start clicking away. I need to be sure to get pictures of the back of her dress being buttoned, tied or zipped (sometimes all 3), a sash being tied and then pull back so I get pictures of the people doing those things to her dress. This is about the time the bride will look into a mirror and cry.  So I’m ready for that!
She still has shoes to put on, which someone usually helps her with. I usually get on the ground to get those pictures so that the angle is good. Remember that the bride’s garter goes on the right leg! I get asked at almost every wedding I do and nobody will know which leg to put it on, so they will expect me to know!!
Now that the bride has done with all of this, she has her jewelry to put on. There is usually a large or long mirror in the room, so I ask her to put this on while looking in that mirror – this makes for some really pretty photos. She also has to put on her veil, which someone else usually does for her, So I also photo that as well.
When the bride is completely ready, I can head to the ceremony site and wait there for the groom to arrive.

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