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Phoebe & Will

Married At The Ashes | The Mornings Proceedings

Phoebe and Will’s wedding gave us the opportunity to shoot photographs at one of the finest venues in Staffordshire: The Ashes at Endon, on the border of the Staffordshire Moorlands. We arrived at the venue for 9.00, with pleasant blue sky’s showing a little cloud, as we drove up to the venue.
Phoebe along with her bridesmaids, flower girls, mum & aunt were all getting ready in The barns “Dressing Room” and believe you me with makeup artists & hairdressers being present as well, let’s just say we had very little room for maneuver, but never the less we applied our trade without intruding too much on the girls process of getting ready.
All the girls were a pleasure to photograph, with Phoebe in her own little world, very reserved, smiling but ever so quiet. Anyways as we left the girls to get ready, this gave us the opportunity to photograph the venue’s surroundings, indoors & outdoors before the guests started to arrive. The ceremony was set for 12.30 with the groom arriving via helicopter coming from Leicester at around 11.30, so a lot was going to happen in a relatively short space of time, as It was now approx 10.45, as we started to photograph the couple’s guest’s arriving.
With his best man already here, the groom contacted him 10 minutes before he was going to land, as we all gathered around to watch & photography the helicopter coming into land. Then it was back to the girls for their final stages of getting ready.
This is just a small insight into the couples morning as I will let their images carry on doing the talking. Thank you so much, Phoebe, Will, family & friends for making us feel so welcome.

Phoebe & Will

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