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The color white has long been associated with purity and virtue

The Dress

Picking the right wedding gown is important because you want to feel beautiful, comfortable, and special on your special day. The better you feel about yourself in the dress, the more confidence you’ll have.
The colour white became popular following on from an economic boom in the second half of the 20th century, as evidenced by the weddings of Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and other iconic women who married during this time.
These days, brides can choose from millions of colors, styles, and fabrics for their walk down the aisle. While shape and style vary drastically from bride to bride, traditional white and light-colored dresses are still most popular, as many today view white not so much as a symbol of wealth but rather one of purity and virtue.



Your wedding shoes should complement the style and formality of your dress

The Shoes

Some people just don’t understand the need for the ultimate wedding shoe. Have they never seen Cinderella? Come ON. Every girl needs her very own pair of glass slippers.
Your shoes are the make or break accessory of the day. Nothing less than fantastic is worthy of being in such close proximity to a bridal gown. That’s why we’ve been so happy to see such a growing collection of wedding shoe photography.
Whether we’re snapping wedding Choos in elaborate settings or photographing the bride slipping her feet into her first pair of Louboutins, photographers are finally coming around to the idea that a bride’s shoes are just as important as her hair, makeup and jewelry combined.

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