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Traditions & Beliefs

How did bouquet’s come about?
In Ancient Rome, brides carried or wore flower garlands, believing that flowers signify new beginnings, fidelity, and hope of fertility. In the Middle Ages, strong-smelling herbs and spices were thought to ward off and drive away evil spirits, bad luck, ill health and help mask the smell of body odor.
Why do bride’s toss the bouquet?
The tradition of tossing the bouquet originated in England as a way for the bride to pass along her good fortune to others.
Tradition has it, that in order to deter guests, the bride would toss her bouquet into the crowd to distract people, then make a break for it with her husband to the bridal chamber. … While obtaining the bouquet is only meant to bring good luck to women, the garter offers the same tradition for the men.
Why ladies catch the bouquet?
As superstition has it today, the unmarried lady who catches the bouquet and the man who catches the garter will be the next two to get married. This doesn’t necessarily mean to each other, but it is a fun idea.


History & Origins

History of the Wedding Ring
Some believe that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings comes from ancient Egypt, about 4800 years ago. Sedges, rushes, and reeds, growing alongside the well-known papyrus were twisted and braided into rings for fingers another decorative ornament worn by the women in those days.
It is believed that the Romans were the first to have their rings engraved. The Romans, as well as the Greeks, placed the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand because they believed that the finger contained the vena amoris or the vein of love.
What do wedding rings symbolize?
A circle has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way love should be. For many, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because the vein in this finger was believed to lead directly to the wearer’s heart.

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