Our Info Wedding Photography Checklist

Info 1. wedding photography checklist for the day before a shoot:


  • Double-check your gear bag and make sure everything is present (see our wedding photographer gear checklist below).
  • Plan your outfit and make sure it’s ironed or steamed and ready to go for the next day. Wear something wedding-appropriate that’s still practical to stand, crouch, kneel and bend in. Comfortable shoes are key!

Wedding Photography Equipment Checklist

Info 2. Take the time to make sure all your gear is packed and ready:

  1. Batteries (make sure they’re charged!)
  2. Body
  3. Lenses
  4. Flash (and extra batteries)
  5. Battery charger
  6. Camera strap or holster
  7. Tripod
  8. Extra memory cards
  9. Water bottle, Advil, and sunscreen!

Wedding Photography

Shot List


Info 3. Note: Not all weddings have one bride and one groom, many couples will have mixed-gender wedding parties, and not all couples stick to all the traditions on this list. Every wedding day photography checklist will look a little different—so feel free to tailor this one to your needs!

With all of that out of the way, here’s our essential wedding photo shot list:

Pre-wedding prep and detail shots

  • The wedding dress, hanging up by itself
  • The veil
  • The bride’s wedding shoes
  • The bride getting ready: getting her hair and makeup done, being helped into her dress.
  • The bridal party getting ready, including hair and makeup.
  • Other candid shots of the bride and bridal party
  • Close-up of the bride holding the bouquet
  • The groom’s wedding shoes +The groom getting ready: lacing up shoes, putting on cufflinks, adjusting tie, putting on the boutonniere
  • The groom’s entourage getting ready
  • Other candid shots of the groom and groomsmen hanging out
  • The rings
  • Jewelry
  • Neckties and pocket squares
  • The bouquet (by itself)
  • Boutonnieres
  • Wedding invitations
    • Wedding programs
    • The wedding ceremony

    • Pictures of the room before the ceremony
    • The bride or groom exiting the car
    • The receiving line
    • Parents entering the venue
    • Grandparents entering the venue
    • Each member of the wedding party entering
    • The groom standing at the altar
    • The bride walking up the aisle
    • The groom as the bride enters (be ready!)
    • The bride being given away
    • A wide-angle shot of the crowd
    • Reaction shots of wedding guests
    • Speakers, readers, and musicians
    • The signing of the register
    • The lighting of the candles
    • The ring exchange
    • The kiss!
      • The couple together (inside the venue and at a second location, if applicable—be sure to leave more time for the second location).
      • Bride alone
      • Groom alone
      • Bride with the maid of honor
      • Bride with all bridesmaids
      • Groom and best man
      • Groom with all groomsmen
      • Couple with all bridesmaids
      • Bride & Groom with all groomsmen
      • Couple with the entire wedding party
      • The bride along with the bride’s parents (together)
      • Bride with the bride’s mom
      • Bride with the bride’s dad
      • The groom along with the groom’s parents (together)
      • Groom with the groom’s mom
      • Groom & groom’s dad +Couple with bride’s parents
      • Couple with groom’s parents
      • Bride with each set of grandparents
      • Groom with each set of grandparents
      • Bride & Groom with each set of grandparents
      • Bride & Groom with both sets of parents
      • Couple with the ring bearer/flower girl
      • Bride/groom/couple with any other requested relatives
      • Bride/groom/couple with any specific groups of friends: work/school friends, teammates, etc.

      The wedding reception

      • The couple entering the venue
      • The couple’s first dance
      • Any parent-child dances (father-daughter, mother-son)
      • The centerpieces and/or floral arrangements
      • The table settings
      • The cake (pre- and post-cutting)
      • The couple cutting the cake
      • The bouquet toss and/or garter toss
      • Toasts and speeches
      • Candid shots of guests
      • Everybody hitting the dance floor!
      • The bride and groom exiting

        After The Wedding


        • Make sure your images are backed up—no one wants to have to break it to a newly-married couple that their wedding photos have been sucked into a black hole.
        • Fire up Photoshop or Lightroom (or other photo editing software of choice) and start editing. If you’re looking to save time in the editing process, scoping out some Photoshop actions or Lightroom presets can help.
        • Deliver the images to your clients—having a portfolio with built-in image proofing can help with this.
        • Send an invoice for the remaining balance or follow up, if you haven’t already.
        • Ask the couple for an online review and/or a word-of-mouth plug to their friends—it can go a long way in terms of promotion.
        • Add some of your favorite final images to social media and your online portfolio (if the couple gives their approval, of course!)

        Congratulations on successfully making it to the end of our wedding photography checklist!