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Before we get to know each other, let’s start off with a friendly consultation without obligation, as the majority of my work comes from recommendations, so I never feel the need to push for a booking.

Normally my meetings take place at your own home where I will showcase samples, discuss your budgets, type of photography required, locations, size of wedding party etc….and if you already have ideas, I’d love to hear them! Together, we’ll come up with the perfect wedding photography package that’s right for you.


What to look out for at a Meeting!

Posing in a wedding dress and feeling relaxed on one of the biggest days of your lives isn’t always that easy. However, choosing a photographer you feel comfortable with can help you to feel much more relaxed throughout your special day. Before booking your photographer ask to meet them in person.

They may shoot amazing photographs but you might not feel comfortable around them or gel with them. If you can’t meet them in person then perhaps speak on the phone or Skype, this will help you get to know the photographer a little better and see if you like their personality, which is more important than you might think, you will be around them for most of the day.

The right photographer will be able to keep you calm and find all the parts of your wedding that are uniquely you.

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