8 Wedding Blog Ideas

You started a blog focusing on everything to do with love and companionship. And in doing so, you get to take part in the planning the most important day of their life.

Getting married is a big deal for both men and women, which makes your target audience even larger. Your goal is to help these individuals make it to their big day and live happily ever after (hopefully).

But what exactly should you write about? And where to start? Writing the first few posts for your blog can be overwhelming.

So maybe this quick guide will help you come up with wedding blog ideas to jumpstart your website.

Now, let’s get you some inspiration.

1. Make a Wedding Planning Checklist

Everyone’s heard of the dreadful bridezilla – she’s the one wreaking havoc on any and everyone around her. And it’s all because she’s stressed out about her upcoming wedding.

What she needs is a bit of guidance to help her organize her planning, so that everything falls into place. That’s where your blog comes in.

It’s where she can come to view a wedding planning checklist she can easily mark off. This should include all aspects of the planning from day one until wedding bells ring.

You can easily research different parts of wedding planning if you’re not completely familiar. For instance, you want to hone in on picking out a dress and tux, choosing a hair and makeup artist and getting out those invitations.

2. Offer Advice on Choosing a Wedding Dress

Looking beautiful on your big day is a top priority for brides. So this makes it to the top of the list of wedding blog ideas.

There are so many different wedding dress styles, which means you can actually turn this into a multi-part series. For instance, you can have one post focusing on the princess-style dress and another on a more contemporary choice.

3. Go Over Different Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Choices

Some aren’t quite ready to start planning their big day because they’re still shopping for that perfect engagement ring. Fortunately, they’ve found your site filled with wedding blog ideas.

And this includes tips and coverage for the different options out there. You have your traditional diamond rings and those less-traditional, such as ones made with rubies, titanium and onyx stones.

The creativity for wedding rings is expansive, so there’s plenty of ground to cover here.

4. Ideas for Hair and Makeup

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her big day, which means her hair and makeup has to be on point. And in order to ensure this is to do two things: choose the right artist and the right look.

You can help on both fronts. Research the different makeup artists and hairstylists on the market in all major cities.

Then you can cover various hairstyles and makeup looks based on different personalities. For example, you can go overlooks with heavy makeup, light makeup, and fairytale makeup.

Once you start digging around, you’ll start to see all the ideas that are out there. Just make sure to include lots of beautiful photos.

5. Create a Slideshow

Speaking of beautiful photos, there are plenty to go around when it comes to wedding blog ideas. Just about everything to do with weddings is highly visual.

For instance, wedding gowns, tuxedos, shoes, hair, makeup, party favors, venues, and decor are all visual.

You can create a series of slideshows with themes, such as top wedding dresses, most beautiful cakes, and unique wedding venues.

It’s also a good idea to upload these slideshows to your social media accounts, like Pinterest and Facebook.

6. Provide Tips on Writing Wedding Vows

Now, this is a big one for modern lovers who want to personalize their wedding vows. This can be very difficult to pull off, especially when you have writer’s block.

So as one of your wedding blog ideas, you can offer tips and inspiration. Look up actual vows and provide tips for getting out of their rut.

Then worst-case scenario, you can recommend writers who specialize in wedding vows.

7. Write an Ultimate Guide

There are many different things you can provide an ultimate guide for. So this is another multi-series idea.

Some ideas can be a guide to wedding planning, selecting the decor, designing the outfits and booking the perfect venue.

The key here is to do your due diligence. Head over to popular wedding blogs and forums to see what questions visitors have. Then you can formulate the ultimate guide written in great detail.

In time, you can put all of your guides together as an e-book and then offer it as a free download to subscribers.

8. Focus on a Post for Men

Weddings are oftentimes centered on the woman. But it’s a big day for the guy as well. So why not create a post that centers around the males in this equation?

For instance, you can cover tips on buying a tuxedo and shoes, planning a bachelor party and selecting hairstyles and facial hair.

There’s a lot to be done on the man’s side, so lend him a helping hand!